by DJ Peter Perplexe

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To buy these miixtapes is to support directly the Vaatican Net-label & giving this non-profit project the means to continue its activities...

This is Vaat322mp


released January 7, 2015

Cover aartwork by 4ndr345 M4rch4l




Vaatican Records Angoulême, France

Vaatican Records is a creation of the Gestroco Club /// highly independant net-label since sept 2006

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Track Name: Vaariations 5.0
(0'00") "Blind Willie" by SCOXROX
(0'02") "Vertebre Horizon" by ZAMA
(0'16") "Rickenbacker Causeway - Silent Cove (DJ BOZ remix)" by SCOXROX
(0'45") "Eraldo" by PENNY PENASSI
(0'49") "Soft Eruptor" by CLARK
(6'25") "I Love My Family So Much" by LOVETONGUEATTACK
(7'15") "Cradle After Sleep" by Le POTENTIEL d'ACTION
(8'36") "Sneferu's Bent Pyramid" by SCOXROX
(9'03") "Razorback" by ABORTIFACIENT
(9'54") "Starliner Disco" by AIRBORNE DRUMZ
(9'54") "Brookes was here" by SELASSE!
(11'00") "Dank Anthem" by DREW DANK
(11'36") "Alocer Legion" by MATATUS
(12'03") "Pleiadi" by PAQ
Track Name: Vaariations 5.1b
(0'00") "Horrorism" by VIIRGIILE
(1'04") "Le Flacon" by CLARA GAZUL
(2'16") "Mesmer" by VIIRGIILE
(3'04") "Glassellland 1" by FORGET ME NAUTS
(5'27") "Sexy Potatoes" by FEEL THE METHOD
(6'10") "Hopper Coleman Jackson" by MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE
(7'20") "Minigourou" by QEBRUS
(10'09") "Raveligion" by VIIRGIILE
Track Name: Vaariations 5.3
(0'00") "All Evil Men Wear the Same Kind of Pants" by WHEELCHAIR DISCOTHEQUE
(0'00") "Elathan March" by MATATUS
(2'48") "Good 100bpm" by VIIRGIILE
(2'54") "Intro" by K.O.B
(2'54") "ZONE1A" by MORUSQUE
(3'09") "ZONE1C" by MORUSQUE
(3'49") "Alcubierre" by STERADD
(3'51") "ZONE1B" by MORUSQUE
(6'04") "Fuk u" by STORMCROW
(6'38") "Les Enfants Sauvages" by ENIX INRI
(8'14") "Trombex Ligo Bex" by ZAMA
(9'46") "Tapioca" by DANECDOTE
(11'35") "Soporific" by COMPRESSIONHEAD
(13'33") "Donut" by DP
(14'02") "I Got the Prolapsus" by PETER PERCEPT
(15'18") "Poseidon" by ACRISOLADA
(15'18") "Necrospective" by Les CROONERS MORTS
(19'46") "Trust In Me" by NINA KARDEC
(20'36") "It's A Tesseract" by IT's A TESSERACT
(21'44") "Trust In Me" by NINA KARDEC
(24'03") "It's A Tesseract" by IT's A TESSERACT
(27'41") "Interlude 3" by FAYTH SCAR
Track Name: Vaariations 5.2b
(0'00") "Partay Platter" by MOST TOTAL
(2'07") "Crazy Nells" by ZOOGOO
(5'16") "La Musique Qui Idiot" by MUIMUITIKITI
(5'58") "Looking Up at You" by LOVETONGUEATTACK
(9'04") "Cellogranulat" by FRANK MILAUTZCKI
(10'08") "Broken Wing (NINA KARDEC remix)" by POLLUX
(14'33") "Corporate Park" by ALTERIOR