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Vaatican Class1cs Vol. 8

by DJ Peter Perplexe

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(0'00") "Cockatiel" by BEAR AND LAMPSHADE (0'00") "Necrospective" by LES CROONERS MORTS (0'06") "Hypothalamic insertion" by CAFFEINATE (0'08") "Nourishing conditioner" by CHORS BLOR (0'15") "Sulphur" by LE METEOR (0'29") "Offrandes à l'oracle" by SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT (2'09") "Recurring nightmare" by NICKNAMES (2'24") "Harvest" by TRASH MONO (3'51") "Tesla" by JIMI TENOR (4'06") "Blonde" by PEUCHGAT (4'21") "Snow spoon" by ZAMA (4'56") "Balade dans le cimetière" by VIDE (5'41") "North Korea - Best Korea" by SUPA MARIYO(ana) BROS. (6'45") "The outskirts" by ANDREW BRITENKOV (6'50") "Eror" by RADIS (10'32") "Le flacon" by CLARA GAZUL (10'58") "V departure" by VLOOPER (11'40") "Moments in love" by ART OF NOISE (11'40") "Caravan" by JIMI TENOR (13'44") "Sotigui tchatal" by ZAMA (16'08") "Interfistin'" by DREW DANK (16'43") "Plantation" by Mr. DERASPE (20'27") "Zombeat O.S.T." by VIIRGIILE (22'21") "Nosferatu (TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE remix)" by POLLUX (22'52") "Jree fazz" by SHINING TRAPEZOHEDRON (23'33") "Conure" by BEAR AND LAMPSHADE (28'28") "Manny" by Mr. DERASPE (28'47") "Philotanus sodomy" by MATATUS (28'56") "Nourishing conditioner" by CHORS BLOR (30'32") "Glassellland (SOME LITTLE PRINCESS remix)" by FORGET ME NAUTS (33'29") "Philotanus sodomy" by MATATUS
(0'00") "No Napoleon!" by HASAN HUJAIRI (0'12") "Datta dayadhvam damyata" by ALTERIOR (2'17") "The dream of the broken hearted" by KEIRON IGNORANT (2'30") "Les lumières mortes" by TRITON (3'28") "Y" by PAQ (4'16") "FLEU" by LONGAMAGAM (5'00") "the hyPNotist" by TRIPLANETARY (5'30") "Faux hipsters, vraies grosses bites (feat. LOAS / prod. Ta-Ku & Sango)" by HYACINTHE (7'09") "Musique pour les morts" by SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT (8'47") "Important call I WIndows 95 SE 2204" by ULLBASUNEN Och DANIEL (8'48") "Jree fazz" by SHINING TRAPEZOHEDRON (9'44") "Pentagon-Sel-Mixout" by DAGSHENMA (10'05") "Musique pour les morts" by SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT (11'28") "Ring bell middle west" by KONSUMPRODUKT (12'21") "Musique pour les morts" by SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT (13'05") "Face the music" by DIRK MARKHAM (13'47") "EncoreWat" by VLOOPER (15'27") "Face the music" by DIRK MARKHAM (15'28") "Mondphasen (I must hide from it)" by AGE 2.1 (15'33") "Lo Sciamano" by MASS (17'02") "Slongdili gone" by IT'S A TESSERACT (19'22") "Politique" by VIDE (20'32") "Mort lente 3" by VIDE (20'42") "Holo" by FORGET ME NAUTS (20'48") "Waiting for mentalblue sky [safety]" by AGE 2.1 (26'56") "Recorded eaves dropping 4 secrets" by ULLBASUNEN Och DANIEL (27'52") "Stoneblind" by DJET (29'20") "Felix Leclerc aka (DILLA remix)" by VLOOPER
(0'00") "Frettes midi" by MARGRAVE RUEDIGER (0'26") "Soporific" by COMPRESSIONHEAD (2'40") "Dissonance 2" by NURSES WITH KNIVES (3'24") "River stones" by TRITON (4'00") "96th" by h. (4'40") "Nexus" by Mr. DERASPE (5'08") "Alcubierre" by STERADD (6'11") "Dissonance 2" by NURSES WITH KNIVES (6'19") "Jamdek (DIGIKI remix)" by MAHJONGG (11'15") "d&b" by MARGRAVE RUEDIGER


this Vaat373mp

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released August 22, 2016

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